About Hisham

Dr Hisham Abdalla is the first NZ Laser Cosmetic Dentist, International Educator, Transformational Speaker, Story teller, Blogger and Bestselling Author. He was the youngest graduate Doctor in the history of his University in 1998, starting medical school at 14 and graduating with honours at 21 yrs of age.

Global by ideology, culture, background and experience he unites minds and hearts towards looking better, feeling better and being better. With core inner Drivers of Mastery, Integration and Service in Excellence, his vision is to generate happy, healthy and prosperous societies through empowering innovation, inspiration & personal leadership. Dr Hisham dedicated his life’s work to help people realize higher cognizance and live their dreams in harmony – Human Unity through Diversity.

Dr. Hisham masterminds with world-class leaders & has shared speaking stages and private dining tables with many international influential icons in Business, Leadership, Politics, Arts, Culture and Health. Such consciousness shifters include Anthony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Bob Proctor, President Bill Clinton, former NZ Prime Ministers – UNDP Administrator Helen Clarke and Hon. Jenny Shipley, Dr. John Demartini, Brendon Burchard, Mary Morrissey, Gay Hendricks, Peggy McColl, Peter Diamantes- X Prize, and more.

“Dr Hisham has created a truly inspiring read – a journey on what it takes to succeed and be a leader of your own destiny based on some sound principles of success. It has opened my eyes and made me take a good look at the way I do things, to make a mindset shift that I can be better and better. Thank you for sharing your fantastic journey and giving me confidence to make changes in my own life!””

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