Being Better Humans

I’m having another moment of imaginative insight as I expand out of my stress shell that has grown so tight around me recently (into extreme inner pain this week).

The strain of challenge makes us grow on our journey 

of Being Better Humans.

As I felt the stress and ‘reacted’ to it, I wasn’t happy, but I knew it was necessary.

It is vital to FEEL the 'stress’ due to the 'strain’ demanding that I outgrow the shell of my current sphere which I had built (we all construct our own reality within a virtual sphere, that is actually real!).

Time to build a bigger sphere = time to break out of the fear. 
And it ain’t a nice process, but it’s necessary.

Strain is vital for evolution. So I accept.
I reset my Intention, awaken my imagination again and delve into the new intelligence emerging.

I submit to the Power of DiFinity (Divine Infinity) that we, humans with human made tongues, term : The God in English, Theos in Greek, Brahman in Sanskrit, Energy in science and of course Al-ilah in the Semitic languages (Aramaic, Arabic and Hebrew). The One indescribable, unltimited, unimaginable Source and Destiny of all intent, energy and Light that we all exist and transform within.  

Then I start to feel power, I suddenly respond rather than react, spontaneously I start to express resilience by bending around the force to embrace its flow, rather than forcing through the force (doesn’t work- tried it!).

And just like that, reality shifts into a new virtual sphere of awareness, perception and a better way of Being.

Here is to our evolution through adversity and our unity through diversity.

Love and Peace to all you fellow Lights who are Being Human.

Thank you to my wife, family and friends (old and new) for being so supportive and caring.

I promise to be that channel breaker for you whenever you need to get back into your flow, if you ever feel stuck. I’ll be there anyway.

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