Creating Healthy Oral Balance without Badditives is Critical

Oral Biofilm/Microbiota Balance is not just about preventing the world’s most epidemic infections - Caries and Periodontal disease. It is that plus much more.

That’s what we aim at achieving and intend on helping humanity with; safely, elegantly and intelligently. Watch this space January 2017 ;-)

Quote: “We found that as the risk for pneumonia increased in healthy adults in the community, nursing-home residents, and hospitalized patients on mechanical ventilators, certain types of bacteria living in mouths decreased,” Dr. Joshi reported at a news conference. “In adults who did develop pneumonia, other disease-causing bacteria in the mouth actually increased days before the development of pneumonia.”

Dr. Joshi predicted that findings of this sort will have implications for the prevention of pneumonia in the future “by maintaining the composition of bacteria that live inside our mouths or by maintaining our local immune defense mechanisms.”

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